Couple Discovers They’re Cousins After 17 Years Of Marriage, What Should They Do?

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A married couple with three children have revealed how they discovered that they are cousins after taking a family tree DNA test.  

Celina and Joseph Quinones, had been together for 17 years and have been married for more than ten years when Celina decided to dig into her family tree.  

While digging, she discovered that Joseph was her cousin. 

Posting on TikTok with the handle @realestatemommas, she broke the news of how the couple found out they were more than just man and wife.  

She wrote: “Married my husband in 2006. Not thinking anything of it we had three kids. Come to find out we were related and cousins.” 

Celina then urged other couples to check their  heritage. 

The clip quickly went viral and has now had over four million views, with many people posting negative comments about their continued union, saying they should separate.  

She described the moment she first discovered her husband was actually also her cousin as “devastating,” but says their love is stronger than ever and that she’s ignored negative comments suggesting they divorce.  

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