Shocking As Content Creator Changes Surname To Davido-Adeleke

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A new face in the social media spotlight, Chinenye Okoli, also known as the sensation okoli classic, has sparked a massive online frenzy with her shocking admission that she has changed her names to adopt the names of both davido and Tunde Ednut, the two famed kind-hearted destiny shapers.

Punch Headlines gathered that davido saw Okoli’s funny video on TundeEdnut’s website and contacted the blogger to offer to help the young woman with a staggering sum of 2 million naira. Since getting that kind windfall, Chinonye has been positively giddy with delight, unable to conceal her feelings after such a unique gift.

The TikToker delighted her followers by claiming Davido’s illustrious last name, Adeleke, as her own in a tantalizingly new update. But the passionate admiration doesn’t end there. She made the audacious and outspoken decision to adopt the eponymous nickname of the well-known instagram blogger TundeEdnut, “Mufasa,” as her middle name, giving her newfound persona a splash of sass.

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