5-Year-Old Dead After Being Strangled By Swing In Freak Accident

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A 5-year-old Colorado girl died days after she was strangled by her disc swing in a freak accident.

Aurora was playing in the backyard of her Fort Collins home when she somehow became entangled in the jungle gym accessory.

Aurora was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and spent several days in the PICU until her family made the difficult decision to pull the plug.

Aurora was without oxygen and that caused her brain to swell. An MRI today confirmed that the swelling was significant enough that it will not go down and we have made the difficult decision to transition Aurora to end-of-life care and organ donation, Kennedy wrote on an online  fundraiser.

The Fort Collins Police Department is not investigating Aurora’s death any further, telling USA Today that there was no probable cause of any criminal behavior and has ruled the incident a tragic accident.


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