EDO 2024: The Esan Agenda, Case for Hon. Odianosen Okojie

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The intricacies of political representation within the Edo Central Senatorial District, colloquially known as Esan Land, have long been a subject of robust discourse.
At the heart of this dialogue are the Agbazilo and Okpevbolo communities, which constitute two pivotal federal constituencies in the district. While Agbazilo boasts seniority and a larger population, Okpevbolo has witnessed the ascension of two of its own to the prestigious Osadebe House, the seat of power in Edo State. As the pursuit of an Esan Agenda takes center stage in the upcoming Edo 2024 gubernatorial election, rooted in shared opportunities and inclusive governance, critical questions are raised regarding the equilibrium of power between these constituencies and the principles of justice and equity.
The annals of political leadership in Edo State, hailing from the Edo Central region, feature prominent figures like Professor Ambrose Alli and Professor Oserhiemen Osunbor, both originating from Okpevbolo, who have previously held the reins of power in Edo State. Presently, the incumbent APC Senator in Edo Central also hails from Okpevbolo, invoking the principle of rotational leadership. Nonetheless, concerns have surfaced, with numerous political pundits and analysts, both locally and internationally, questioning the wisdom of favoring Okpevbolo for a third term as the Governor of Edo State when Agbazilo, with its historical significance and larger population, has yet to savor the seat of authority.
Another aspect under scrutiny is party loyalty and electoral influence. Agbazilo has consistently demonstrated allegiance to the APC, as demonstrated by past general elections results. In the recent elections, it was the votes from Agbazilo that secured victory for an APC Senatorial Candidate nominated from Okpevbolo. Additionally, Agbazilo is home to the sole APC House of Representatives Member in the district, Hon. Odianosen Okojie, affectionately known as Hon. Odi Okojie. His popularity and influence in the region make a compelling case for Agbazilo’s claim to the leadership of the esteemed Edo State governorship seat in 2024.
When evaluating potential aspirants, regardless of geographical zoning, Hon. Odi Okojie emerges as an exceptional candidate. His triumph in the last general election, where he secured over fourteen thousand votes more than his closest rival, attests to his electoral appeal and significance. Hon. Okojie, who remains in his prime, offers the advantage of efficient youth mobilization and the appeal of older generations. His celebrity status, as the spouse of screen icon Mercy Johnson-Okojie, establishes a unique connection with Edo housewives and Nollywood enthusiasts. Hon. Okojie possesses the ability to connect with the youth and every demographic in the state.
Hon. Okojie’s political astuteness is underscored by his brilliance, eloquence, unwavering commitment to principles, humility, and generosity. His philanthropic endeavors have made an indelible mark, empowering thousands of youths, market women, and entrepreneurs within and beyond the state. Through his benevolence, Hon. Okojie has consistently offered medical assistance, covering hospital bills, supplying medical equipment to healthcare facilities, and erecting hospitals to address the healthcare needs of Edo State residents. He embodies the intellectual native, rendering him an appealing choice for Edo youths and the general populace.
As a prince, Hon. Okojie is uniquely positioned to align with the aspirations of our royal father, the Oba of Benin, and other traditional rulers across the state who value a governor that upholds tradition. His persona embodies the everyday Edo citizen, making him relatable to the common people.
In a landscape where the APC holds sway in the Edo North Senatorial District, Edo Central Senatorial District, and the rural segments of Edo South Senatorial District, Hon. Okojie’s candidacy offers the assurance of securing Edo State with a substantial margin. To serve the common good, the APC should contemplate motivating Edo South residents with the possibility that Hon. Okojie represents—an individual who can genuinely connect with the people and steer Edo State towards a prosperous future.
Austin Iyosayi contributes from Benin.

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