“Body Parts Of Pedophiles Should Be Amputated”– Wike’s Wife Says

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The former first lady of Rivers state, Eberechi Wike, has advocated for the amputation of people found guilty of defiling minors.

Justice Wike, who is also the wife of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, opined that perpetrators of the dire act should be amputated.

She led this out on Tuesday during the 2nd National Conference of Family Court Judges, Magistrates, and other Family Court Practitioners in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

Eberechi argued that the current punishment is not heavy enough, adding that the move will deter sexual offenders from molesting minors.

According to her, society should step up punishments for people who defile children beyond life imprisonment or a 14-year jail term.

She said: “We should do much more. I think we should do something that will be really drastic, that will make them think twice before they do that.

“I cannot think of anything better than having legislation that whatever it is that whatever part of your body you use on a child while defiling the child, that part should be cut off. If it is your finger, if it is your mouth, if it is your private part.

“I think men will take it more seriously when you come up with such legislation. I hope a man in the House of Reps or Senate sponsors a bill like that.”

Credit: Information Nigeria

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