Senator Abbo Breaks Down In Tears, Apologises To Akpabio

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Elisha Abbo, the ousted senator from Adamawa-North under the All Progressives Congress, has apologized to Senate President Godswill Akpabio for accusing him of plotting to have him removed by the Court of Appeal.

He revealed this on Arise TV’s “News Night” show on Tuesday, October 17.

Speaking during his interview, Abbo said: “Thank you so much for the opportunity to clear this, I have to say this, with all sense of humility and responsibility that the press release we rendered yesterday was premature and based on the available information in our dispotion yesterday. But as of today, we have discovered a lot of things yesterday and yesterday I also had a discussion with the senate president, my brother, my colleague distinguished senator Akpabio and I am convinced that he is not involved.

“This is because we met yesterday, and let me go by his word, he says senator Abbo I swear on my mother’s grave that I am not involved in this, I don’t even know that you’re in the court, for a number three citizen to come up to say he has sworn on his mother’s grave, a woman that he loves so much and a woman who brought him up after he lost his father at the age of six, I don’t see a reason why he would lie. Today the addition intelligent tripled in and we have abundant information so this morning after our discussion with the senate president yesterday and apologised to him yesterday it is only honourable virtous, that when something is wrong you have to clear his name and say yes we acted on this in error because of the available information in our disposal yesterday, my president my distinguished brother and friend I am sorry you are not involved I believed every word you said because I know how much we value our mother.

“One time you told me that your mother died two months before you became the commissioner in Akwa Ibom state that your prayer is for your mother to come out of the grave today and see you as the President of the Senate of Nigeria something that money cannot do you value your mother so much.”

Abbo, however, apologised to the Senate president, emphasising that Akpabio was not involved in his ousting from office.

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