I’ve Had 170 Children, I’m Not Going To Stop- British Man Gives Shocking Revelation

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I’ve had 170 children and I’m not going to stop: Sperm donor, 52, vows to keep on fathering babies even though his hobby has made it impossible to find love. 

A sperm donor who claims he has fathered 170 children has vowed to keep on fathering babies despite the impact it has on his love life.

Joe Donor, 52, who has chosen not to reveal his surname, has been dubbed ‘Britain’s most prolific dad’ after spending the last 13 years helping couples have babies.

But, while Joe, who lives near Newcastle, is thrilled to have helped father so many little ones, he says the journey has been a lonely one.

He said that most of the women he has dated have originally approached him to donate sperm – something he dubs ‘reverse dating’ because they have already had sex and some have insisted that he give up his hobby.

Joe revealed that he would keep going with his hobby until the ‘bitter end’ and would only stop if he met a woman that ‘sweeps him off his feet’.

Joe said: ‘While many women want my child, it means being available at all times – and it’s a rare woman who will accept that in a romantic relationship.

‘I don’t have a partner at the moment. I am hoping I will, one day, meet that special someone who can accept me for who I am – someone who wants to have children and can accept my scores of children I already have.’

However, women are not always so keen on his hobby. Joe added: ‘One lady said “Can’t you just donate blood like everyone else”.

‘I think if I did meet the right lady, I would give up helping new recipients – but I would want to give additional siblings to anyone I helped previously.’

Joe said: ‘I won’t retire until the bitter end – or if that unicorn woman sweeps me off my feet. I don’t have a goal [number of children to have], I will just keep going until I keel over.’

Joe doesn’t offer sperm donations for financial profit and says it can even leave him at a loss. He said: ‘It’s a struggle to make ends meet.

‘I am lucky if I am reimbursed expenses and able to break even, but it’s worth it every time I see the joy when another mini me is born.

‘The happy faces of my children and their mothers [motivates me].’

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