Gov. Sanwo-Olu Orders Demolition Of Popular Markets In Lagos

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The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has ordered the demolition of Jankara and Bombata markets in Lagos Island to allow for the free flow of water into the drains.

There will be zero-tolerance and from Monday, the Ministry of Environment will start giving demolition notices to all the stores that have been built on the drains and all existing drains.

“They have built shops on all the drains and that is why we are having these problems of flooding and environmental pollution.

“We cannot let a few people risk the lives of the larger number of us,’’ Sanwo-Olu said after a drainage and regeneration tour of Lagos Island.

He noted that a lot of illegal structures erected in the markets had blocked the drainage channels causing flooding, adding that human activities had negatively impacted the areas.

He stressed that the markets must give way to allow for urban regeneration and to end perennial flooding in the area.

The governor told all illegal squatters and those involved in illegal activities that the government would take and clean up the markets as it enforced its zero tolerance for illegal environmental activities.

Sanwo-Olu also observed that Pelewura Market was currently harbouring a large number of illegal squatters.

“We are going to give them adequate notice and we are going to work with our concessionaires, the local government, and all the stakeholders will be brought on board.

“We will all agree as to when that demolition and evacuation will start. I have given them the first notice already and I will give them the opportunity as stakeholders, for us to know when that final demolition will take place,’’ Sanwo-Olu said.

The governor noted also that Idumagbo Avenue Road which was once well-built had failed because of activities in markets in the area.

He affirmed that the tour offered him the opportunity to establish what the issues were and to evolve lasting solutions to them.

He said the solution would begin from Ilubinrin Pump Station as the government had been on the project for almost two years because of the depth of work to be done.

He explained that the government would start an assessment of Idumagbo Avenue, Ojo Giwa, and Adeniji Adele Road.

“It will be an opportunity for us to review Phase 2 of Adeniji Adele, which starts from Idumagbo Junction, all the way to Ebute Ero.

“That will be a long-term regeneration of the entire area and with this coming up early next year, we will solve the entire drainage issues of the place,’’ Sanwo-Olu said.

He cautioned residents of the areas against blocking the drains, noting that their way of life and behaviour contributed to the problem.

According to him, no matter how deep the drains are, they will get blocked if people continue to dump refuse in them.








Source: NAN

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