Full Details: Panic As Hilda Baci Cries Out Over Confirmation From Guinness World Record

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Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef, undertook a cooking marathon to beat the record held by Indian chef Lata Tondon in 2019.

After failing to accomplish so, Guinness World Records remained silent, which worried Baci. She posted on her official twitter profile about her concerns.

Hilda Baci expressed her concern with the Guinness World Records’ tardy reaction in sending her a confirmation email in the posted tweet.

r message reads: “Not me refreshing my email every second since we sent Guinness World Records all the proof,” She wrote.

However, this has led to a range of responses on the microblogging site Twitter, with some expressing support for the young cook and encouraging her while others having opposing views.

Read the comments below.

Be patient, Anthony nwabueze, the record is yours! Once more, congratulations.

“They never declare you Winner, you don go celebrate,” said Apan_273.

“Am not too sure you properly involved the Guinness World Record or carried them along, before going out for this challenge. If not, then why the slowness in feedback?” @Miraculous Sound added.

However, congratulations on a job well done. omo two guys don break the Guinness World Records using football, five and four times, they weren’t pumped like this, says Midget101.

“I honestly don’t understand why they’re taking so long,” @King William added.

How challenging can it be to request that your staff watch a video? Given that people now watch so much television, how difficult can it be?

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