Watch Video: ‘Pay My Money Or I Service Your Fiancée Weekly’ -Man Gives Shocking Condition To Debtor In Court

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A young Nigerian man has revealed the shocking condition he gave to a debtor, who has been owing him money for a long time.

The man, who was tired of waiting endlessly for repayment, resorted to taking the case to the online court “Judging Matters”, hosted by media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and presided over by Justice Hon. Busola William.

He explained that he gave the debtor a mutually-beneficial deal to cancel out the debt but he rejected the offer.

According to him, he told the debtor to either pay back the loan or allow him to sleep with his fiancée as a form of repayment. However, the specifics of the amount was not disclosed.

A video of the court hearing is currently making rounds on social media and has sparked reactions from netizens, with many condemning the man’s action as inappropriate and unethical.

The unidentified man said, “He doesn’t want to pay. I called him; I told him ‘if you don’t pay me my money, or avoid me. I will show you my action’. I gave him two option; pay me my money or let me be polishing your new fiancee that you want to get married to.”

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