Video: Reactions Loom As Ekweremadu’s Daughter Speaks After Her Parents Conviction

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Sonia Ekweremadu, the 25-year-old daughter of the jailed Senator Ike and Beatrice Ekweremadu bared her mind on her parents conviction.

“I feel guilty of what happened to my parents was because of me”. She said

Meanwhile, earlier today the former Deputy Senate President, his wife and doctor have been sentenced to different jail sentences after been found guilty of organ harvesting plot for their daughters, Sonia.
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“This is touching, your parents love you, they didn’t want you to die but they did it in the wrong way.
I pray she gets a good Samaritan kidney donor soon.”

“UK isn’t Nigeria where you do things anyhow and go scot-free. Our corrupt and wicked politicians should learn from this and build good hospitals in Nigeria”.

“It is very hard to pity naija politicians and their families because of what they’ve done to this countryIt’s very painful I must say”.

“Meanwhile a drug lord can never be my president God forbid”.
“U and ur parents are mad, with all the money they have stolen, for them to go through the legal way of organ donation they don’t want to cause they will spend atleast half a million dollars upward, they want to cut costs without caring about the boy it will affect, they deserve everything, dem heartless to the point that the boy they wan steal him kidney, dem no fit do 2years visa for am, Na 6months dem do, they wan use am send am back make him come dey suffer while unna go dey enjoy Well”.
“What shall we say? But it really breaks my heart when she said the kidney problem is heredity problem the I remember things like that are possible.
But I still blame the senator and his family for his plan to harvest that innocent boy kidney unknown to him”.

“Despite the money ur parents have , they chose not to do things the right way. That was what led them to prison”.

“No dey come here to blackmail us emotionally. When they finish serving their sentence, I hope they would’ve learnt how to do things the proper way and not going through shortcut like typical naija big man”.

“Money no dey solve all problems. Hope the politicians and elite learn to do the right things, it wasn’t about parental responsibility alone, but reckless abuse of privilege…”

“There’s this intrinsic thing about Nigerian politicians and abuse of power. Maybe it’s because of a system where money means you get away with any misdemeanoursSo much lessons to learn from the Ekweremadus saga. May we never be in this sort of mess”. 

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