MUST READ: Lady Opens Up As Lesson Teacher Turns Second Wife

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Nigerian Lady has opened up on an incident of her uncle who ended up marrying the lesson teacher employed by his first wife.

She disclosed this while reacting to music executive, Sososoberekon’s claim that some married men are now employing their side chics as their children’s home lesson teachers.
See Soso’s post and the lady’s comment below.

The reactions:
“Also fear the female gender. She willingly presented herself, she wasn’t forced. Why didn’t she reject the proposal. I once had an ex who had schemed to be coming to my house to assist in house chores. She was so serious about it that I had to cut her off”.

“Also fear the female gender: You are too correct. In woman-man relationship when there’s a challenge the men are always to blame but outside that the women claim equality and superior gender but if so when a man ask is for the woman to say NO ! Like I always say if women can be responsible enough to close their legs fornication and adultery as Sun’s will be a thing of the past. Who knows as usual of women maybe she, I mean the lesson teacher , s the one giving the greenlight with words, dressing and or body language and madam careless to notice”.

“Women should start employing male lesson teachers since most men are dogs.”

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