Unbelievable! Nigerian Lady Reveals Shocking Reasons She Stopped Being A Christian

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A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate why she stopped being a Christian.

According to @Ni_Foh, one of the biggest reasons she stopped being Christian was finally accepting that God had favourites regardless of how much you prayed or believed. She also revealed that she never got what she prayed for each time she got down on her knees.

She tweeted;

“I can’t lie, away from the things I saw inside the Church, one of the biggest reasons I stopped being Christian was finally accepting that God had favourites and that regardless of how much you prayed or believed, if you’re not a fave, you’re not a fave.

“As a child I was always told that I should pray and ask God for whatever I wanted and he will answer me. I was a child and I didn’t have much to ask for but every single thing I prayed and asked for, I never got. Not one single thing that I prayed for.

“Heck it’s almost like everytime I went ahead to pray for something I really wanted, God would take away my chances of getting that thing. It’s funny but I was heartbroken a lot because I truly believed that God was supposed to love everyone equally or so I thought.

“Growing up with unaswered prayers after unaswered prayers, it finally hit me one day. “I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy.” Meaning say if you nor be fave, nothing for you oh. If you like pray from now reach 500 years. Nothing for you. My whole life in church was a lie.

“You mean I had been praying and fasting and begging God all my life and he wasn’t answering me simply because he had picked his favorites and apparently I wasn’t among. Lmao, when you think about it, it’s quite cruel The gamble of hoping on a God that cannot be bothered about you.

“It’s why I don’t like being prayed for, infancy it fills me with rage everytime somebody I care about or respect starts to pray for me but I respond because maybe they might be a fave and if they ask on my behalf, he fit manage consider me. Asides that, I don’t bother.

“The first time my heart broke was when they gave my admission slots to someone else because my Dad wouldn’t pay a bribe. It pained me to my heart because I had prayed but beyond praying, I put in the work and smashed that exam and yet he let them cheat me.

“t’s why I don’t fear death or dying. Interesting Abi?? It’s because I pray for it and know say as usual, he nor go Kuku answer me. So maybe I’ll be here for a long time. I don’t pray anymore and I wish people stopped talking to me about God and his supposed love.

“Plus if he cannot answers my mother who wholeheartedly believes in him and lives her life for him, then you know say no hope for me. It breaks my heart to watch my mother pray as believe so much in a God that doesn’t rate her. One Angel fit don burn my file sef but we move sha.”

Lady reveals why she stopped being a Christian
Lady reveals why she stopped being a Christian
Lady reveals why she stopped being a Christian

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