Video: ‘Men Have Right To Cheat But Women Doesn’t’- Nigerian Man Justifies

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Following happenings across the country, a Nigerian man has justified the right for male gender to cheat, noting that women doesn’t have.
Watch the video below;

However, many reacted;
“No one has the right to cheat,but he made a good reference.”

“If you aren’t married yet…my brother enjoy your life, no room for akuko mama ngozi na ndi yard.
life is too short to tie yourself down in the name of DELAYtionship.”

“I didn’t watch the video, but he’s right”

“Disgusting!!! Village boy, the way he even called it calls for concern. It’s cheat not shit. Keep sleeping around until you reap the consequences.”

“This one is still a boy now. It’s expected he will talk like one. Cheating isn’t a right and shouldn’t be justified.”

“Congratulations kid, though you made some senses but that does not give anyone any right to mess around.”

“Las las everyone will be alright. Cheating na 4 married people.There is nothing like cheating in an un married relationship.”

“You can cheat on what’s is not yet yours.”

“Nobody has the right to sleep around.
Adultery is adultery and fornication is fornication.
No other way around it.
Stop making infidelity look like civilization.”

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