Popular Footballer’s Wife Files For Divorce To Get All Fortune, Found Out No Property

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A popular Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi’s wife filed for divorce and wanted more than half of the husband’s property and fortune.
He is one of the highest paid players in Ligue 1, he receives more than a million euros per month.

The ex-wife therefore would have had the jackpot.. But when they arrived in court, they realized that Achraf Hakimi had no property and that the bank had none either.

Achraf Hakimi had put his entire fortune under his mother’s name a long time ago.

In the process of divorce, Hiba Abouk, former partner of Achraf Hakimi, was informed by her lawyer that Hakimi has no assets in her name.

The player is one of the highest paid players in the PSG squad, receiving € 1 million a month. 80% of this amount is deposited monthly in her mother’s account, Mrs. Fatima.

Achraf Hakimi has no properties, cars or jewelry to his name. Everything Hakimi wants to buy he asks his mother, who buys it and immediately puts it in his name.

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