Ethiopia Imposes Curfew In Major City (See Why)

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Following the recent happenings in Ethiopia, a curfew has been imposed in Gonder city in Ethiopia’s northern region of Amhara.

Auto-rickshaws were prohibited from operating outside as from 6am to 8pm the Gonder city administration command post said in a press statement.

It added that bars and nightclubs were prohibited from remaining open beyond 9pm.

The curfew is as a result of the ongoing protest which starting last week in cities across the Amhara region against a federal government plan to “disarm the region’s special forces.”

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a statement posted on his social media account earlier that the Ethiopian government had plans to incorporate special forces in the country’s 11 regional states into other regional security structures.This he said was aimed to form a strong and united security structure.

The curfew also prohibited anyone outside authorised security forces structures from moving around with firearms as well as with crude sharp objects.

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