Reactions As Father Of 550 Children Faces Court Bid

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A Dutch musician, Jonathan Meijer, is facing court in a bid to get him to stop his ‘obsessive’ sperm donating amid claims he has fathered hundreds of children around the world.

Jonathan, 41, has misled hundreds of women all over the world and may have fathered nearly 550 children, according to the Donorkind Foundation, which is suing him.

Mr. Meijer, from The Hague, Netherlands, was blacklisted in 2017 after the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology warned he had fathered 102 children via ten different clinics in the Netherlands. But he continued to donate abroad in Denmark and Ukraine and offered his services through websites and social media, according to the Dutch news website AD.

Eva, the Dutch woman at the centre of the court case, had a child by Mr Meijer in 2018 and said it made her feel ‘sick to her stomach’ that he had fathered so many children.She said: ‘If I had known he had already fathered more than 100 children I would never have chosen him.If I think about the consequences this could have for my child I am sick to my stomach.

‘Many mothers have told him he needs to stop, but nothing helps. So going to court is the only option I have to protect my child.’

Eva and the Donorkind Foundation want to stop Mr Meijer donating and to find out exactly which clinics he has donated sperm to.

They have accused Mr Meijer of ‘lying’ to hundreds of women about the number of children he has fathered.

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