‘I No Marry Again’- Nigerian Man Cries Out After Visiting Wife-to-be Village (Read Full Story)

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A Nigerian man has shared his sad experience while going on a trip with his friends to his lover’s village.

The young man revealed that he travelled with his friends to his girlfriend’s hometown to finalise their marriage plans.
Sadly, he and his companions met several difficult challenges due to the deplorable state of the road.

This is necessary before any wedding in Nigeria, as it introduces the families to each other and shows the seriousness of the groom’s intention.

Sadly, the journey was far from smooth, as the road was a herculean obstacle. The bad road was the major challenge.
The cars faced difficulty going through the mud, and the young men had to alight from their vehicles to push them out of the muddy road more than once.

It got to a point they had to remove their clothes. The muddy ground was so deep it got to the bonnet of their cars. After getting to the better parts of the road, they stopped at a water place to clean themselves and the cars. They did this before meeting their in-laws. The groom, his friends and their cars looked like people who had soaked themselves inside a muddy pit.














Source: Legit.ng 

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