Omisore, Lukman Fight Dirty Over Osun Campaign Funds

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The national vice chairman who had last week called for the resignation of the party’s national chairman, Abdullahi Adami, and the national secretary Omisore said the demand for their sack was not a witch-hunt, but part of the sacrifice the governing party must make to douse tension in the country.

Noting that Adamu’s resignation would pave the way for a Christian chairman from the North West to assume leadership of the party, Lukman stated that the same scenario was partly what created the rift between the PDP and the G-5 governors.

He said the the whole objective of this is to be able to begin to douse the tension, but more importantly to get the party and the moral authority to try the process of negotiation in constituting the leadership of the next government.

The former director general of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) pointed out that what was witnessed as support for the Labour party and PDP in the February 25 elections was a protest against the APC.

He stated: “What you see as the support for Labour Party and even the support for PDP, I can prove it is a protest vote against the APC. No more no less.

“And what we should continue asking ourselves constantly, what it is that we have done that is producing this protest vote? and we need to respond to it in a way that really give confidence to Nigerians that we are truly that party of change, which Nigerians have confidence in in 2015 and 2019, and will continue to have confidence in now 23 and beyond. I think that is the challenge before all of us.”









Source: NairaLand Forum 

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