2023 Election: NBC Sanctions 25 Radio/TV Stations, Gives Final Warning To Others

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Not less than 25 radio and television stations has been Sanctioned by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for the contravention of the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code in their coverage of the February 25 presidential and National Assembly elections.

Director-General of NBC, Balarabe Shehu Ilelah, at a press conference in Abuja added that 16 stations were also given final warnings for their unprofessional conducts during the polls. 

He said some broadcast stations allowed their platforms to be used by some guests, callers and analysts to score unhealthy political points inimical to the nation’s corporate existence. 

Stressed that ethnic and religious profiling became awfully rampant; while invectives and counterblasts were thrown freely by guests on the platforms of broadcast stations at the detriment of Nigerians. 

He also said subversive discussions and reckless comments capable of tearing Nigeria apart were broadcast freely without proper gatekeeping; and ethics and professionalism, thrown overboard. 

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