‘He Told Me His Name’s Bash Instead Of…’- Nigerian Lady Serves Boyfriend Breakfast

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A Nigerian lady has ended things with her boyfriend after finding out that his real name is Bashiru and not Bash.

A Twitter user shared the story via his platform revealing how the lady who’s his female friend, broke up with her boyfriend because of his name.

The lady said she feels so ashamed of the name and wouldn’t be able to tell her friends that her boyfriend’s name is Bashiru.

“A female friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend of 7 months after finding out his real name is Bashiru, and not Bash“, the tweet read.

He further shared screenshots of the conversation he had with his female friend. Mixed reactions have trailed the chats as most people faulted the lady’s action for breaking up with her boyfriend for a minor reason.

@ademola_daniel_Bashir said: “I don suffer sha! So na My fault say my last name is Bashiru? Thank God I get wife sha.”

@i.amjosh wrote: “Women who don’t want you will always look for the littlest reasons to break up with you. How is his name being bashiru his fault? Na him born himself?”

@luxuryb_11 said: “So what were you people doing in the relationship for 7 months? He didn’t send money to your account. You didn’t ask for his full name. Baby girl you are not just serious????.”

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