2023 Election: Political Party In South West Woo Voters With Gift Ahead Of March 11

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The gubernatorial election in 5 days has triggered a political party in Lagos State to woo voters with N500 to reelect their candidate.

Daily News Bullentin gathered that the All Progressives Congress (APC) sent out #500 free airtime to voters.

Speaking to the voters, some revealed that they were credited with N500 airtime after dialing a special code.

Bimbo Alade (not real name) disclosed that he received N500 airtime from the political party on Friday evening.

“I heard news that APC was giving away N500 to anyone who dialed 013302645,” he added.

“After the call went through, it requested that the caller input a pin, which was 1028#, and then a sound recording of Sanwo-Olu was played. He campaigned for a minute or two.

“When he finished, the call dropped and I was credited. Alternatively, the call was interrupted and the number called back, and once I picked, the sound recording was played automatically.”

Another recipient of the free airtime said that although there were no assurances that every caller would be credited, the method of receiving airtime was the same.

“Upon dialing the number, I was asked to input the 1028# pin,” he said.



Credit: NairaLand

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