UPDATE: Lagos State Rescues Whitney Adeniran’s Family From Chrisland School To Dig Out Her Body (Read Full Story)

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The Lagos State government has condemned the alleged plans to Dig out the body of late Whitney Adeniran, the Chrisland student who was electrocuted during her school’s inter-house sports in February.

Recall that AfamNews Blog published earlier that the 12 years old girl mum, Blessing Adeniran, shared on her Instagram stories on the alleged that authorities of Chrisland school called the police with the request for a fresh autopsy over the allegations on the school. This would means that the body of late Whitney that was laid to rest on Thursday, March 2, will be digged out.

Below is the Press Release from Lagos State Government;

Press Release from Lagos State Government over alleged plan of Chrisland School to dig out Whitney Adeniran’s Body.

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