Naheem Balogun, Celebrating Quintessential Leader, Philanthropist At 62 – By Balogun Ibrahim

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Hon. Naheem Balogun, is a quintessential corporate leader, cerebral professional engineer, an astute entrepreneur, motivational human manager, boardroom icon and exceptional humanitarian. To him, living a well-fulfilled life means having outstanding personal achievements, contributing massively to societal development and enhancing the living conditions of the underprivileged.

His strong passion for a life of fulfilment to humanity is best captured in this highly nostalgic statement regarding his period as Abifoley Co. Nigeria CEO thus, “…I like to look black at those times in the 1990s and see them so very fulfilling times because as the CEO/President, Abifoley Co Nigeria, you shape the culture and ethos of the company, you determine what happens and of course you are expected to achieve results!”

Abiodun’s major leadership trademark is that he naturally ensures that all corporate organisations he leads as a member in the USA exhibit a high level of exemplary corporate responsibility in the form of enhancing the living standards of people and becoming pacesetters to other organisations.

He is a corporate Field Marshal that has attained greatness through personal efforts underscored by clarity of vision, strong determination and rare perseverance. He therefore deserves a standing ovation, following  his celebration of 62 years on December 26.

Abiodun’s activities at certified Microsoft system Engineer and a Siebel Oracle developer and beyond confirm his strong commitment to service to humanity. Little wonder that his career trajectory saw him through various executive capacities as Communication Officer at Elder Dempster Co. Nigeria Limited; senior Cyber Security consultant at AT&T USA; senior Software Developer at IBM Corporation USA.

He has equally built a reputation of corporate immortality for himself with the magnitude of his outstanding contributions in the private sector. He held these responsibilities before venturing into private business. Currently, he is the President/CEO Abifoley Co. Nigeria Limited, Abbey Ventures Limited, and Abifoley systems, Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Also, the enormity of his communal, corporate and national contributions rewarded with multiplicity of awards has placed him in the right segment of annals of enduring legacies. After his primary education, Hon. Naheem Balogun proceeded to Epe Grammar School, Epe where he obtained his WASC in 1980. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude) degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan USA.

Abiodun’s exemplary success in almost all spheres is a confirmation that he is a natural or born leader. He also possesses a Master of Science degree in Computer Cyber Security from American Military University, Charles Town, West Virginia USA. He is a Ph.D candidate in Computer Information Security at Purdue, University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He is also a certified Microsoft system Engineer and a Siebel Oracle developer..

It is therefore not surprising that he made exceptional impacts as President/CEO at Abifoley Co. Nigeria Limited and Abbey Ventures Nigeria Limited, and Abifoley systems, Atlanta, Georgia, USA by impressively transforming the financial fortunes of the company. He was more than an ordinary President/CEO but a corporate catalyst. Or how else do you explain that a CEO whose company had got only a Turnover of million of dollars at USA.

The date of birth of this great man is also symbolic. He was born on December 26, 1960 in Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State. Research shows that December 26, a date classified as having Capricorn zodiac sign. Capricorn is an earth sign. They are hard working and have good patience. They tend to be stubborn at times, but, they have great perseverance and ability to coordinate and structure projects. They have good leadership and organization skills. 

The sixth sign of the Zodiac is a special date for outstanding leaders endowed with general skills, especially leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. They are ambitious. They can successfully set and achieve their goals.

Rather shy and recluse by nature, they are rarely at the center of parties: they have few friends and their friendships last for the rest of their life. Their serious side can sometimes be a little surprising at the beginning of a romantic relationship; but once the ice is broken, they fully invest in the relationship.

This equally explains why this renowned Engineer was Chairman and President/CEO of the Abifoley Co. Nigeria Limited where he served on the Board till date and he is a leader that strongly proves that charity begins at home. His peaceful marriage of more than three decades to his lovely wife, Chief (Mrs) Folake Toyin Balogun (Nee Osiefa) is a testimony to his effective deployment of the general skills of leadership and interpersonal effectiveness maritally.

Nothing better captures the reservoir of his leadership qualities of clarity of vision, strong determination, team spirit, team motivation and diplomacy than this comment about his time as Abifoley systems, Atlanta, Georgia USA as President/CEO: “I remember, he is an achiever, because he had made it at tender age. But I told them, my friends that it was very possible for him, as he was an industrious and hardworking man, because I had faith in his ability, he had been well trained and motivated.”

I therefore heartily raise my glass and invite everyone to join me in a massive toast to this extraordinary achiever as he clocks 62 years. For him, it is more appropriate to say “62 years YOUNG” not “62 years OLD” as he physically looks many years younger than 62. It is indeed a confirmation of abundance of God’s grace upon his life.


As this accomplished leader clocks 62 years and is still waxing strong, God will grant him the grace to celebrate many more peaceful and rewarding years in sound health. Happy 62 birthday celebration, our distinguished leader, mentor, role model, Hon. Naheem Balogun, a towering corporate leader and exceptional philanthropist.

Ibrahim, a journalist and a media consultant, writes in from No, 17, Ajanasi Street, Oke-Posu, off Ajagannabe road, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria

Can be reached via:-, or 08060799328

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