Only Citizens Will Suffer If Leaders Keep Fighting Unless… — Jonathan

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The former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, on Friday, stressed the need for the country to move forward after the 2023 elections following Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that affirmed Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President.

While fielding questions from State House reporters after a closed-door meeting with Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Jonathan called on political leaders and former Presidents to come together so that citizens would not suffer.

“We need to bring all our political leaders, including all our former presidents together. If top leaders continue fighting, they will not suffer that much, but the downtrodden will suffer. And we want to end that tension so that we move forward,” he said.

Jonathan, who came to brief the President on his regional, continental and international assignments, said he used the visit to congratulate him on his victory at the apex court.

“I have been involved in a number of things in West Africa and Africa. In fact, tomorrow (Saturday), I will be in Kenya, and on November 14, I will be in Liberia, so I am like a roving ambassador seeing how we can bring peace to the sub-region and the continent.

“My visit would have taken place since last week but it couldn’t hold. Today, it has coincided with the judgement of the Supreme Court of yesterday. It is an opportunity for me to also congratulate Mr President.”

“We talked a lot about the country. You will see more of me because there are certain things we discussed; and the country must move forward. Elections are over and we must move forward.”

On how Nigeria could lead Africa with the successful transition of power, Jonathan said, “That is what all Africans are saying. I had a programme on democracy dialogue and Prof Lumumba spoke there and emphasized the need for Nigeria to take a lead in Africa.

“Yes, we have challenges economically now, but we still have what it takes to lead Africa.”










Source: Information Nigeria

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