“Women Make Me Scared,”- 71-Year-old Man Reveals He Stayed Indoor For 55 Years

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Calixte Nzamwita, a Rwandan man, claims that he has actively hidden from public view for 55 years to avoid engaging in conversations or having any contact with women.

In a mini-documentary published by Afrimax Media, Nzamwita, 71, decided to confine himself in his one-room house since he was a teenager. In fact, he got into his ‘hideout’ when he was 16 years old.

Nzamwita said that women are scar¥, and admitted to have gone for 55 years without having any physical contact with any woman. “I locked myself inside my house so that I could keep women at a distance. I don’t want women around me because they make me really scared,” Nzamwita told Afrimax in an interview.

The old man has fenced his home with wood and sticks and simply “steps out once in a while,” he noted. The young girl who lives near the man’s house said, “I have known him to stay inside the house since I was a kid.” “It seems impossible to see him going out because he is really scar£d of women,” she added.

Nzamwita has been residing in a well-fenced one-room house for the past 55 years, using it as his kitchen, bedroom, and toilet. Strangely, he accepts food from female neighbours despite avoiding physical contact with them.

“He doesn’t want us to come closer or talk to him when we try to help him. Instead, we toss things into his house, and then he comes and picks them up,” Nzamwita’s neighbour testified.

The neighbour added, “But he still takes what we offer from a distance, not letting any of us come close to him.” Many believe that Nzamwita s¥ffers from gynephobia, which is the fear of women. Previous bad experiences with women—such as m+ntal or physical ab¥§e, neglect, r+p£, physical a§§ault, or s£x¥al hara§§ment—could have caused this phobia.









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