See When 2023 Ramadan Fasting Will Commence

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According to Islam as Today’s date is Friday 17th Sha’aban 1444H = 10th March 2023.

The basic ruling in Islam is to search for the moon (that signals the beginning of another Lunar month) when the current month (i.e. Sha’aban in this case) is 29.

If the moon is sighted then Ramadan starts! Otherwise the current month (of Sha’aban) is counted to 30 days and then the next month (of Ramadan) starts after.

So Sha’aban 29th will be Wednesday March 22 2023.

If the Sultan announces the sighting of the moon by Wednesday Sha’aban 29 (22 March, 2023) evening then we start fasting on Thursday March 23 2023.
If the moon wasn’t announced to be sighted then Sha’aban will be counted to 30 days.
Fasting then starts on Friday March 24th 2023.

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